What’s The Best Reciprocating Saw Under $100?

Every DIY enthusiast should have a reciprocating saw in their toolkit.

Luckily, you don’t even need to have lots of money lying around. The best reciprocating saw under $100 will satisfy all your needs.

You won’t miss out no matter what you’re working on at home. Just make sure you choose the right one.

The Best Reciprocating Saw Under $100 – Reviews

You might be wondering what you’ll get if you spend less than a hundred dollars on a tool. Cheap reciprocating saws are still packed with amazing specifications and features. We’re going to take a closer look at the best ones on the market right now:

1 – WORX WX550L Reciprocating Saw

  • Voltage = 20V Max
  • No-Load Speed = 3,000 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 3/4 Inch
  • Tool Weight = 4.2 Pounds
  • Warranty = 3 Years

How many times do you mess up when cutting materials at the moment? Once you start using the WORX cordless reciprocating saw mistakes will become a thing of the past. Here is a quick list of features designed to help with accuracy:

  • Pivots Into A Jigsaw
  • Side-Mounted Axis Motor
  • Increased Cutting Visibility

Pivots Into A Jigsaw – The WORX reciprocating saw is actually two tools in one. When you move the pivoting head you’ll be able to turn it into a fully operational jigsaw, which should save you lots of time. Even if you own a separate jigsaw you won’t need to swap out tools all the time.

Some people never attempt to swap tools in the middle of a job. If you use a reciprocating saw to make unnatural cuts they’re not going to be accurate. Now you’ll be more likely to use the right tool every single time.

Side-Mounted Axis Motor – You’ll find the motor sitting on the side of the battery powered reciprocating saw, which allows the gearing and motor to rotate simultaneously. It will help you cut more accurately in a few different ways:

  • Zero slippages and misalignment
  • Smooth constant transfer of power
  • Balanced and steady in your hand

Increased Cutting Visibility – You can’t cut what you can’t see. This can be a big problem depending on the materials you’re working with. The WORX battery operated reciprocating saw has 2 features to improve visibility:

  1. Built-In Dust Blower
  2. LED Light

Built-In Dust Blower – Imagine how much dust will start building up when you’re trying to power through work. You can’t exactly blow it away with your mouth. Thankfully, you won’t need to stop to do everything manually. A built-in dust blower will allow you to clear away any debris while you cut.

LED Light – I doubt you’ll be cutting any materials in the dark, but a light is still very helpful in certain conditions. When you can see exactly what you’re doing your cuts will always be much more accurate. You can switch the LED light on whenever you feel the need to use it.

Those features are pretty impressive considering the reciprocating saw is so cheap. Here are a few other quality ones you’ll get your hands on soon:

  • Use Almost Any Blade
  • Weighs Just Over 4 Pounds
  • Variable Speed Trigger

Use Almost Any Blade – You will have enough power to perform lots of tasks. The WORX Axis saw will accept almost any blade, which will increase the amount of materials you’ll be able to cut through. Here is a small list of materials you can cut with the right blade:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Plastic
  • PVC Pipe
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Tree Limbs and more…

Weighs Just Over 4 Pounds – Even though the cordless reciprocating saw packs quite a punch it only weighs a little over 4 pounds. You’ll hardly be able to feel it when you’re working. If you need to cut constantly throughout the day you won’t end up battling fatigue.

Variable Speed Trigger – A variable speed trigger is always nice when you’re working with saws. The blade moves so fast you won’t need it operating at full speed. You’ll spend less time worrying about how your blade is lined up before switching it on.

2 – Black And Decker BDCR20C Reciprocating Saw

  • Voltage = 20V Max
  • No-Load Speed = 3,000 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 7/8 Inch
  • Tool Weight = 4.5 Pounds
  • Warranty = 2 Years

The Black and Decker reciprocating saw is basically a small chainsaw, so you might be wondering if it’s safe. There are a couple of fantastic safety features built into it, which we’ll cover in a bit more detail right now:

  • Built-In Electric Brake
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Integrated Lock-On Button

Built-In Electric Brake – Some blades will keep moving long after you’ve finished cutting. Sometimes you need to wait for them to slow down on their own. It increases your chances of touching the blade by accident and cutting yourself. The Black and Decker cordless reciprocating saw won’t allow that to happen.

Once you take your finger off the trigger it uses an electric brake to stop the blade. Not only will this feature keep you safe, but your productivity will increase sharply too.

Variable Speed Trigger – Your reciprocating saw should be able to cut through materials you’re working on in a timely manner. That doesn’t mean it should always be moving at full speed. There is less chance of something going wrong when your tool is harder to control. A variable speed trigger lets you decide how fast a reciprocating saw blade moves.

If you’re cutting through certain materials sometimes slow is fast enough. It’s also nice when you’re getting ready to cut something. When the blade is slower you can line everything up correctly in seconds.

Integrated Lock-On Button – When you’re holding onto a reciprocating saw you tend to hold it like you’re about to use it. That means your finger will be somewhere near the trigger. If you accidentally put pressure on it there is a chance you’ll cut yourself. When moving blades touch anything it’s going to cause problems.

Press the lock-on button when your tool is not in use. It’s basically like a safety on a gun. It will take you a second to release the locking mechanism before you begin cutting.

There are a few cool features towards the front of a Black and Decker battery powered reciprocating saw you’ll find useful. Let’s take a look at them before moving onto the next tool:

  • Adjustable Pivoting Shoe
  • Tool Free Blade Changes

Adjustable Pivoting Shoe – If there is one part of your reciprocating saw that gets bashed more than anything else it’s the shoe. This model comes with an adjustable pivoting shoe you’ll be able to use to your advantage. It will be able to slide in and out + wiggle around a bit too, so you’ll be able to:

  • Extend the life of your tool
  • Have extra control when cutting

Extend the life of your tool – Slide your shoe out and some blade teeth will remain hidden. You can expose fresh teeth over a period of time. Eventually you will need to buy extra blades when your old ones dull.

Have extra control when cutting – You can turn the blade around depending on what you’re cutting. It’s possible to set everything up so your shoe presses into materials while you’re cutting, which should give you more stability.

Tool Free Blade Changes – There is a lever on the tool that allows you to change blades without a tool. Flick it up to release your blade and push it back down once you’ve replaced it.

Please Note: If you already own a Black and Decker 20V Max tool you’ll only need to buy the saw. The battery you have at the moment will slide into the BDCR20C reciprocating saw easily.

3 – Porter Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Saw

  • Voltage = 20V Max
  • No-Load Speed = 3,000 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 1 Inch
  • Tool Weight = 4 Pounds
  • Warranty = 3 Years

Some sabre saws are designed to be used in tight spaces. Others are more suited towards aggressive cutting. If you look at the Porter Cable reciprocating saw you’ll notice it will satisfy your needs no matter where you’re working thanks to a few different things:

  • A Longer Stroke Length
  • Squeezes Into Tight Spaces

A Longer Stroke Length – The stroke length of a reciprocating saw is how far the blade moves up and down when it’s oscillating. It moves at 3,000 SPM (strokes per minute) and a 1 inch stroke length is longer than any model we’ve looked at so far. A high performance drivetrain allows for aggressive cutting.

The effectiveness of a reciprocating saw is usually determined by the maximum stroke rate and stroke length.

Squeezes Into Tight Spaces – Even though it has impressive stats when it comes to cutting it’s extremely small. In total, it’s only 14.5 inches long. Think about all the tight spaces you’ll be able to squeeze into. The fact it’s a battery powered sabre saw is amazing too, because you won’t need to deal with an annoying electric cord.

The recipro saw has been packed with extra features to make your life easier. Here is a list of some you’ll be able to experience soon:

  • Contoured Overmold Grip
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Adjustable Pivoting Shoe
  • Tool Free Blade Release

Contoured Overmold Grip – There is no way the Porter Cable tiger saw will be able to slip out of your hands. Every single part of the tool is really grippy. It’s definitely been designed with maximum comfort in mind, which is great when you’re using power tools all day. It will also help prevent your saw from getting damaged.

Extremely Lightweight – When was the last time you picked up a 4 pound weight in the gym? It’s so light you’ll hardly be able to feel it. Thanks to the weight you’ll have a lot more control when operating the cordless recipro saw. Unless you’re using it non-stop all day you won’t suffer from fatigue issues.

Keep In Mind: The Porter Cable battery operated reciprocating saw doesn’t come with a battery, which you’ll need to buy separately if you don’t own one. Even though it will increase the total weight it won’t make a noticeable difference.

Variable Speed Trigger – A variable speed trigger always comes in handy no matter what you’re working on. There is no material you’ll want to start cutting through at full speed before lining up your saw. It helps when you’ve finished cutting too. When you’re pulling the recipro saw away release your finger off the trigger slowly.

Adjustable Pivoting Shoe – You’ll want to use your tool to apply pressure to material when possible. It will help keep your tool a lot steadier and you’ll be able to cut through things quicker. It’s easier when your shoe is closer to the material, which is possible when you have an adjustable pivoting shoe.

Tool Free Blade Release – Switching reciprocating saw blades couldn’t be any easier. This model comes with a keyless chuck like the kind you’d find on a modern drill. Once you turn the chuck your blade will slip straight out. Do the exact opposite when you want to use a new blade and you’ll be ready to go straight away.

4 – Milwaukee 2625-20 Reciprocating Saw

  • Voltage = 18V (M18)
  • No-Load Speed = 3,000 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 3/4 Inch
  • Tool Weight = 4.5 Pounds
  • Warranty = 5 Years

Milwaukee delivers when it comes to manufacturing cheap reciprocating saws. The M18 Hackzall has features you’d only expect to see on a much more expensive model. Let’s take a look at some you’ll really appreciate:

  • One Handed Design
  • Anti Vibration Handle
  • One Hour Charge Time

One Handed Design – Nearly every recipro saw requires you to hold it with two hands. Things will start to go wrong if you don’t. The Milwaukee cordless reciprocating saw is specially designed to be used with only one hand. This will give you superior control when you’re swinging the tool around.

Anti Vibration Handle – Every sawzall we’ve looked at today has been pretty light, which helps prevent fatigue. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly great when it comes to vibrations. Due to the fact these tools have a working speed of 3,000 SPM (strokes per minute) you’ll eventually start feeling the burn.

The Milwaukee reciprocating saw includes an anti vibration handle to prevent that from happening. When you’re working the dual gear anti vibration system will keep you healthy, plus it helps with a few other things too:

  1. Control
  2. Accuracy
  3. Long Tool Life

One Hour Charge Time – You’ll get to experience Milwaukee M18 XC High Capacity REDLITHIUM batteries, which are up there with the best on the market. One of the best things about Milwaukee batteries is how long they take to charge up. If your tool runs out of juice it will only take one hour until it’s fully recharged.

Please Note: When you’re buying a battery it’s a good idea to pick up two. You will always have one on charge ready to go.

Hopefully you like everything you’ve read so far, but there are much more features to look forward to. We’ll discuss some other big ones right now:

  • LED Lighting
  • Quik-Lok Blade Clamp
  • Extremely Compact
  • 5-Year Warranty

LED Lighting – Sometimes it’s hard to brighten up tight spaces, so you end up having to work in the dark. It’s not a good idea when you’re cutting materials because nothing will never end up straight. The Milwaukee Hackzall comes with an LED light to illuminate your entire work area and eliminate shadows.

Quik-Lok Blade Clamp – The Milwaukee Quik-Lok blade clamp allows you to replace all sawzall and hackzall blades in seconds. A keyless latch system will save you lots of time and frustration going forwards.

Extremely Compact – You’ll enjoy working with the Milwaukee M18 Hackzall because it’s so small and light.

Tool Dimensions = 11.1 x 10.5 x 4.6 Inches
Tool Weight = 4.5 Pounds

When your reciprocating saw is only a little over 11 inches long you’ll be able to use it almost anywhere. It’s not bad considering this is a pretty powerful tool.

5-Year Warranty – The warranty you get with the Milwaukee 2625-20 sawzall will put your mind at ease. At 5 years, it’s longer than you’ll get with most other tools. It shows you how much faith the company puts in their reciprocating saw.

5 – Makita JR3050T Reciprocating Saw

  • Amperage = 11 Amps
  • No-Load Speed = 2,800 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 1-1/8 Inch
  • Tool Weight = 7.3 Pounds
  • Warranty = 1 Year

If you’ve used Makita tools before you’ll know they are top of the line. The Makita reciprocating saw is corded unlike every other model we’ve looked at so far. Here are a few goodies you’ll find when you open the box:

  • 1-1/8 Inch Stroke Length
  • Extra Long Tool Life
  • Extremely Comfortable

1-1/8 Inch Stroke Length – The stroke length on the Makita corded reciprocating saw is longer than every battery saw. That means it’s going to cut faster than usual. Even though the stroke rate is only 2,800 SPM it’s more powerful than you think.

Extra Long Tool Life – Makita power tools always last a long time because they’re designed with longevity in mind. The JR3050T has a couple of features that will help extend the life of your tool:

  • All Ball And Needle Bearings
  • Protective Rubber Boot

The corded sabre saw is engineered with all ball and needle bearings for a longer tool life, but what happens when they come into contact with dirt and debris? Thankfully, the motor has been sealed with a protective rubber boot to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Extremely Comfortable – Once the Makita JR3050T saw gets going it’s going to cut through everything. A few features will guarantee it’s still as comfortable as possible:

  • Large Two Finger Trigger
  • Soft Grip Handle

When you’re holding onto the recipro saw a soft grip handle will maximize your comfort. A large two finger trigger obviously makes the tool easier to use too.

A Makita tool will always have much more features lying in wait. Let’s look at some of the best ones that take the JR3050T to the next level:

  • Built-In Dust Blower
  • Well Balanced Design
  • Adjustable Pivoting Shoe
  • Variable Speed Trigger

Built-In Dust Blower – When you cut through materials like plaster and wood it’s going to leave quite a mess. You won’t be able to see where you’re cutting due to dust, which means it’s hard to ensure accuracy. The Makita electric reciprocating saw comes with a built-in dust blower to blast everything out of your path.

Well Balanced Design – 7.3 pounds is almost double the weight of cordless sawzalls we’ve looked at. You might be wondering whether or not it’s too heavy. Luckily, the Makita JR3050T has a well balanced design. It will still feel comfortable in your hands. Here is a quick look at the exact stats:

  • Tool Dimensions = 27 x 11 x 5 Inches
  • Tool Weight = 7.3 Pounds

Adjustable Pivoting Shoe – You can adjust the shoe without a key, which is a great help when you don’t want to slow down. It’s possible to swap out your blades using a keyless system too. The heavy duty shoe is a lot tougher than ones you’ll find on other models. It comes in useful because the Makita sawzall is so powerful.

Variable Speed Trigger – Think about all the different materials you’ll be able to cut with your reciprocating saw:

  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Plastic
  • Aluminium
  • Plus lots more…

The blade won’t exactly need to run at the same speed all the time. It will change depending on what you’re cutting, which is why a variable speed trigger is almost essential.

6 – SKILSAW SPT44A-00 Reciprocating Saw

  • Amperage = 13 Amps
  • No-Load Speed = 2,800 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 1-1/8 Inches
  • Tool Weight = 9 Pounds
  • Warranty = 1 Year

The SKILSAW reciprocating saw is a fine choice. Even though it’s not battery powered it can’t be ignored thanks to a large selection of features. Here are a few examples you’ll want to know about first:

  • Powerful 13 Amp Motor
  • Patented Buzzkill Technology

Powerful 13 Amp Motor – If you’re interested in maximum power without spending over a hundred dollars you should look at the SKILSAW corded reciprocating saw. The stroke length and stroke rate are impressive:

  • Stroke Rate = 2,800 SPM
  • Stroke Length = 1-1/8 Inches

The blade will bounce 1-1/8 inches up and down while moving at speeds of 2,800 strokes per minute. It will be able to deal with anything you throw at it without giving you too much trouble.

Patented Buzzkill Technology – Some brands don’t do a good job at dealing with vibrations. In the end, you’ll get hurt and it can affect your cuts too. SKILSAW transformed everything by coming up with its patented Buzzkill Technology.

Buzzkill Technology can handle vibration suppression up to 35 percent better than most competitors.

It’s worth pointing out, your corded sawzall will last a lot longer too. If there is less vibrations internal components are less likely to get damaged.

Despite the low price you’ll still get to experience more quality features. Let’s look at a few other ones in more detail right now:

  • Secure Bladeless Tool Clamp
  • Oversize Trigger
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • 8 Foot Cord Length

Secure Bladeless Tool Clamp – It’s easy to replace your blades within seconds when you’re using a keyless system. That is something I’m sure you know by now. But you might be wondering how secure they actually are considering you can fit 12 inch long blades into them. I don’t think you’ll be left disappointed.

Once your 6-12 inch blade is locked into position the clamp will hold it in place. It’s secure enough to make aggressive cuts without becoming loose.

Oversize Trigger – If the trigger on a reciprocating saw is too small it’s hard to keep your finger on it. When you’re wearing protective gloves it’s even more awkward. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with any of those issues when you have an oversize trigger. It’s easy to keep your finger in position all day long.

Variable Speed Trigger – The oversize trigger makes you feel like you’re in control, but a variable speed trigger takes things to the next level. You’ll probably use the tool to cut through thin wood more than anything else. If so, it’s unlikely you’ll need to have it running at full speed very often.

8 Foot Cord Length – Most of the sabre saws we’ve looked at come with batteries, so they can be carried around everywhere. When you’re using a corded model you only have so much space to move around. The SKILSAW sabre saw comes with an 8 foot cord, which should be enough to ensure it doesn’t get in your way.

Hopefully you have a good extension cord because they are great when you’re working with corded tools. A few extra feet of freedom makes all the difference.

The Best Cheap Reciprocating Saw For Your Workshop

The best reciprocating saws under $100 are fairly similar. I would start by trying to decide whether you want a cordless or corded model. Once you’ve come to a decision you can look at the remaining sabre saws in more depth. None of the models we’ve looked at today will let you down.