Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill – Reviews – 2021

A power tool is supposed to make your life easier.

It’s why everyone should pick up the best cordless rotary hammer drill if they plan on carrying out heavy-duty work.

You’ll be able to drill holes into 20 year old concrete in seconds. Chiseling away at masonry will become a breeze.

Modern technology is so advanced you’ll be able to do it all using a battery.

The Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drills On The Market

You need to make sure your tool is up for the challenge. There are a lot of good cordless rotary hammers on the market, but some are a cut above the rest. We’re going to examine the top ones you should consider today. Look at all the amazing features and pick one that satisfies all your needs.

1 – DeWalt DCH273P2 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (1 Inch SDS-Plus)

You want a rotary hammer because they’re so powerful you can drill multiple holes in quick succession. Common sense says it’s going to be draining on your body. If you use a cheap cordless rotary hammer drill for hours you’ll end up extremely fatigued.

Luckily, the DeWalt cordless rotary hammer drill has multiple features designed to help you out. We’re going to discuss a few ways the tool will make your life easier:

  • Active Vibration Control
  • Specially Designed Clutch
  • Power-To-Weight Ratio

Active Vibration Control – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out drilling into concrete is going to cause lots of vibrations. Even if you’re only using a cordless SDS hammer to drill a few holes it’s usually uncomfortable, but Active Vibration Control will save you.

When you’re holding onto the handles a lot of the vibrations will be absorbed by your tool. Not only will this help in the short term, but it will help prevent any long term injuries too.

Vibration Measurement = 6.6 M/S2 (meters per second squared)

Specially Designed Clutch – Imagine how sore you’re going to feel when a hammer drill jams up. The torque will be strong enough to throw you around unless you’re really strong. Luckily, the factory-set clutch inside a DeWalt rotary hammer drill will take away your pain.

It’s been specially designed to reduce sudden high torque reactions when they strike. Will you feel like a million bucks if your tool jams up while you’re using it? No, but at least it will lessen the blow to your body.

Power-To-Weight Ratio – Here are a couple of important figures you’ll need to know about:

  • Power = 2.1 Joules Impact Energy
  • Weight = 6.8 Pounds

The DeWalt hammer drill will provide you with 2.1 joules of impact energy, which isn’t too dissimilar to corded models. That is great considering the battery powered hammer drill is extremely lightweight even with a battery attached.

You’ll be able to tap into so much power while being able to swing it around all day. The power-to-weight ratio will increase your productivity while keeping you safe from fatigue.

Here are a couple of other features you’ll like:

  • DeWalt Brushless Motor
  • Retractable Utility Hook
  • Two 20V Max Batteries
  • 360 Degree Side Handle

DeWalt Brushless Motor – The DeWalt cordless SDS rotary hammer drill comes with a quality brushless motor, which is very durable and will last many years. Here are a couple of figures you’ll want to know about:

  • 0 – 4,600 BPM (Blows Per Minute)
  • 0 – 1,100 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)

Retractable Utility Hook – Once you finish using your hammer drill you can hang it up using the retractable utility hook. Your tool will last much longer if you don’t leave it lying on the ground.

Two 20V Max Batteries – You’ll get two 20V max 5Ah batteries with the tool. If they seem a lot more powerful than usual it’s because you’re not dealing with an ordinary tool. A cordless rotary hammer will put small power tools to shame.

The package comes with a fast charger too, so you won’t need to keep stopping and starting when you’re working. An extra battery will ensure you’ll be able to have one sitting on charge at all times.

360 Degree Side Handle – It’s hard to control a tool that produces too much force, which is a bad thing when you’re drilling into concrete. I’m sure you’ll want to ensure you end up with your holes in the right place. If you’re unable to control your cordless hammer drill things could go wrong.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to hold into the 360 degree side handle when you’re drilling. It will guarantee your holes are a hundred times more accurate than normal. You’ll also be able to use the handle to apply extra force.

2 – Bosch RH328VC-36K Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (1-1/8 Inch SDS-Plus)

A battery operated rotary hammer drill will let you do things that are impossible with other tools. You’ll be able to drill into metal within seconds. Chiseling into concrete will be easy. But in order to achieve such feats you’ll need a tool that offers exceptional power.

The Bosch Bulldog cordless rotary hammer drill won’t leave you disappointed. It’s hard to believe you’ll have access to so much size and power without the need to plug anything into the wall. Here are a few stats to help explain what the four pole motor offers:

  • 1-1/8 Inch SDS-Plus Chuck
  • 0 – 4,100 Blows Per Minute
  • 0 – 940 Revolutions Per Minute

The best battery powered rotary hammer drill will always come with unique features a cheaper model will never be able to match. They’ll help out considerably in a number of different ways. Let’s look at a few amazing things about the Bosch cordless rotary hammer drill:

  • Electronic Precision Control
  • Vario-Lock Positioning
  • Kickback Control

Electronic Precision Control – The Bosch rotary hammer drill will come with 70 percent power soft start. It’s essential when you’re working with such a powerful device. Your hole placements will be precise even if you don’t wait until the drill piece stops before tackling your next hole.

Vario-Lock Positioning – You’ll love having the ability to rotate your chisel 360 degrees before you pull the trigger. Things would be awkward without this marvelous feature. If your chisel was locked into position you’d need to turn your drill and body all the time.

Instead, you’ll be able to twist chisels into position within seconds. It will help with comfort and accuracy.

Kickback Control – An integrated acceleration sensor will know when you’re in a bind-up scenario. It has the ability to limit the rotation of your cordless rotary hammer drill by cutting off the motor after detecting sudden movements. Once everything stops spinning you won’t end up seriously injured.

If you decide to use the Bosch hammer drill you’ll have even more features to make every job you tackle a lot easier. Here is a quick rundown of a few big ones we’ve not mentioned yet:

  • Vibration Control
  • Extended Runtime
  • LED Lighting
  • Three Drill Modes

Vibration Control – The Bosch SDS rotary hammer drill comes with vibration control, but it’s a lot more advanced than you think. It comes with isolation technology built into the tool, which has been designed to provide maximum comfort for your hands.

The vibration levels will be reduced even more at the handle to ensure it takes even longer until fatigue sets in.

Extended Runtime – I know maximum runtime is always a concern when you’re working with cordless power tools, but you don’t need to worry about the Bosch hammer drill. The 36V 4Ah FatPack batteries will give you an extended runtime compared to other models. It comes with a charger too.

LED Lighting – You won’t always be using your cordless tool outside where it’s light. If you’re working inside you can’t guarantee it won’t be a little dark, which makes it very hard to work at maximum capacity. You won’t end up making mistakes when using this tool.

It comes with an LED light to illuminate reduced-light work environment, which is good enough to handle any situation you’ll find yourself in.

Three Drill Modes – A rotary hammer drill usually comes with a few different modes. This one comes with 3 which we’ll discuss in a little detail:

  1. Rotation Only
  2. Hammer Only
  3. Rotary Hammer

Rotation Only – Some models have the ability to work like traditional drills. In some cases, you’ll be able to save valuable time because you won’t need to switch tools.

Hammer Only – Hammer mode is perfect when you’re working with chisels. Imagine trying to chisel concrete when the end keeps spinning around.

Rotary Hammer – On this mode, your tool will be performing a hammering action and rotating at the same time. You can drill a lot deeper into much tougher materials.

3 – Makita XRH01T Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (1 Inch SDS-Plus)

Power is probably the first thing you’ll look at when comparing the best cordless rotary hammer drills, which makes complete sense. A more powerful tool will make your job easier, but there is something else you can’t forget about. Here is a quality you’ll want in your tool:


The Makita cordless rotary hammer drill does come with a few helpful features that will improve accuracy. We’ll cover them in more detail because they help in their own special ways:

  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • Depth Adjustment Guide
  • Weighs 7.2 Pounds

Variable Speed Trigger – When using a SDS hammer drill with a variable speed trigger you won’t need to worry about lining anything up. You’ll be able to approach your material slowly in order to hit the right spot before applying pressure. You will have more control in the middle of drilling holes too.

Depth Adjustment Guide – Accuracy is about more than hitting the correct spot on a wall. You will need to think about the depth you want to reach too. If you mess up it could cause a lot of problems. The depth adjustment guide on your rotary hammer will ensure depth accuracy.

Weighs 7.2 Pounds – The Makita rotary hammer drill weighs 7.2 pounds with a battery attached. Do you have any idea how light it will feel in your hands? You won’t be able to hit the wrong spot while working with a lightweight tool until you eventually become fatigued.

You can always count on Makita to deliver when it comes to power tools. There is a reason why it’s one of the biggest brands in the world. A couple of things about the Makita hammer drill definitely stand out:

  1. Motor
  2. Battery

Motor – Anyone who uses the rotary hammer will appreciate its extreme power, which we’ll look at in-depth now:

  • 0 – 4,700 Blows Per Minute
  • 0 – 950 Revolutions Per Minute
  • 2.3 Joules Impact Energy

It’s powerful enough to handle every tough job you can throw at it. The efficient BL brushless motor has a large impact in your battery too. It can provide you with up to 50 percent more runtime per charge.

Battery – Star Protection Computer Controls is genius technology created by Makita. It’s designed to let your battery speak to the cordless rotary hammer drill. Data is exchanged in real time and it will prevent the battery from:

  • Overloading
  • Overheating
  • Over-Discharging

The Makita Rapid Optimum Charger can speak to the battery too, which helps optimize the battery when it’s charging. There is a special cooling fan built into the charger too. Here is a few more things you can expect from the 18V LXT lithium-ion 5Ah batteries:

  • Integrated LED battery charge level indicator
  • Up to 65 percent more runtime per charge
  • Reaches a full charge in 45 minutes or less

You’ll get 3 different operational modes inside the battery rotary hammer drill (hammering with rotation, hammering only, and rotating only). It’s got a Torque Limiting Clutch to prevent damage and injury by disengaging the gears when a bit binds. You can align the tool to 40 different chisel positions too.

There are a few other mini features you’ll see on any other cordless rotary hammers, but I’d like to speak about something we’ve not covered yet:

Dust Management System

The Makita hammer drill is compatible with a built-on HEPA dust control vacuum, which you’ll be able to pick up at the same time. It will catch 99.75 percent of particulates over 0.3 microns in size, plus it runs on a completely different motor to ensure it doesn’t affect your tool when it’s operational.

Once you start drilling or chiseling into concrete it’s going to produce an enormous amount of dust. It can have a negative impact on your work, so a duct extraction attachment is very desirable.

4 – Milwaukee 2605-22 M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (7/8 Inch SDS-Plus)

It seems like everyone wants to go longer, faster, and harder these days. This applies to people who use power tools too, so you’ll want a cordless drill that matches your expectations. I don’t think Milwaukee will leave you disappointed because it excels in three areas:

  • 35 percent harder hitting
  • 10 percent faster drilling
  • 40 percent more runtime
  • 2 times longer life

35 percent harder hitting – Once you start chiseling into concrete you’ll realize how important hitting strength is. The Milwaukee cordless rotary hammer drill sits at 0 – 4,800 blows per minute with 1.4 feet-pounds of impact energy. It should hit 35 percent harder than most other models.

10 percent faster drilling – You’ll want your tool to blast deep into materials too. Not only will you have the strength we’ve just talked about, but it spins at 1,400 revolutions per minute. In the end, you’ll have a rotary hammer that drills holes 10 percent faster.

40 percent more runtime – A cordless tool must come with a quality battery or you’ll waste your time. M18 REDLITHIUM battery technology inside the Milwaukee rotary hammer drill is in a class of its own. You will end up with 40 longer runtime than you’d expect.

You’ll also get a charger with your batteries to ensure they’re always ready to go. Once you throw a battery on it will take roughly 1 hour to fully recharge.

2 times longer life – Nobody wants to spend good money on a cordless rotary hammer only to see it break down within a few years. Luckily, Milwaukee combined an advanced mechanism design and superior electronics inside their tool. It will last twice as long before you’ll run into issues.

The Milwaukee hammer drill looks great so far, but it’s got even more magical qualities under the hood. We’ll go through a list of everything else you’ll be getting for your money:

  • Mechanical Clutch Protection
  • Anti Vibration System
  • Variable Position Chisel
  • Three Mode Operation
  • Digital Power Management

Mechanical Clutch Protection – If the bit on your cordless rotary hammer binds it can cause a great deal of damage. Think about the impact it will have on your tool. The motor would be ripped apart if mechanical clutch protection wasn’t included. It will shut your tool down to avoid damage when something goes wrong.

Anti Vibration System – An AVS anti vibration system is almost essential when working with a powerful tool. You just need to look at the amount of power they’ll be able to muster up. If you’re shaking while working it’s not going to be comfortable, plus you’ll only last a few minutes before you need a break.

Variable Position Chisel – A variable position chisel stop will allow you to set your bit at any angle you want, which will make your life easier while operating the battery rotary hammer. On the same note, you’ll be able to adjust the angle of the side handle around too.

Three Mode Operation – If you want to switch between modes you’ll need to use 2 fingers, which makes complete sense. You won’t be able to switch over accidentally while you’re using the cordless hammer drill. It comes with three modes like you’ll find on other tools we’ll mention today:

  1. Rotary Hammer
  2. Hammer Only
  3. Rotation Only

Digital Power Management – Milwaukee Digital Power Management was created to prevent tools from getting damaged in rough work environments. It handles things like overload protection, temperature management, and individual cell voltage monitoring. It’s only seen in the best cordless rotary hammer drills.

5 – Hitachi DH18DBLP4 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (1 Inch SDS-Plus)

The Hitachi cordless rotary hammer drill is perfect if you want to drill holes into anything. It’s got the ability to create 1.9 foot-pounds of impact energy, which is high even compared to models we’ve looked at today. Once you start using the cordless rotary hammer you can drill:

  • 1 inch holes into concrete
  • 1/2 inch holes into steel

That’s impressive considering it’s a cordless tool. The Hitachi rotary hammer drill comes with high drilling speeds and quality demolition performance too. It sits at 3,950 blows per minute and 1,050 revolutions per minute.

It doesn’t always feel great working with a rotary hammer because they’re more powerful than what you’re used to. At least Hitachi included a few cool features to help you out:

  • An LED Light
  • Remaining Battery Indicator
  • Reactive Force Control

An LED Light – Some rotary hammer drills don’t come with an LED light. It would be impossible to work anywhere without adequate lighting. Even if you’re outside it’s hard to work when the sun begins to go down. The integrated light on your Hitachi rotary hammer drill will save you precious time and energy.

Remaining Battery Indicator – It’s easy to forget how long you’ve been working when you’re in the zone. Hitachi 18V lithium-ion batteries come with an exceptional runtime, but they’ll eventually run out of juice. If you keep an eye on the battery indicator you’ll be able to know when it’s about to give out.

Reactive Force Control – When your battery runs out you’ll need to stop for a while. Roughly 40 minutes if you use a Hitachi battery charger, because it’s the fastest in the field. But if your motor ends up breaking down you’ll be waiting around much longer. The built-in Reactive Force Control will stop it from happening.

I doubt you’ll find the Hitachi hammer drill too difficult to use, because it’s almost the ideal size and weight combination:

8.2 Pounds + 13 Inches Long

You’ll be able to hold your tool overhead without feeling fatigued after a few minutes. It will be able to squeeze into tight spaces. It’s shorter than other models even though you wouldn’t be able to tell by focusing on its power. The cordless SDS rotary hammer comes with other nice features.

We’ve covered the three different modes in lots of detail before. You’ll know about the adjustable side handle and the benefits of brushless motor technology. Sadly, this tool is bare and you’ll need to pick up a few things if you want to get going straight away:

  • Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Rapid Charger

Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries – New Hitachi BSL1830C 18V lithium-ion batteries weigh less than one pound, plus they’re much lighter and smaller than old ones. A multiplex protection circuit will keep them safe from:

  • Overloading
  • Overheating
  • Over-Discharging

A strong resin coating covering the batteries helps keep out water and dust too, although it’s not completely sealed up. Each one will last for roughly 1,500 cycles.

Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Rapid Charger – We’ve already talked about how good the battery charger is. Even if you have 18V 6Ah batteries it will recharge them in 38 minutes. Attempt to find one that works faster and you’ll be looking a long time. A USB port will allow you to charge your smartphone or anything else in your possession.

6 – Ryobi P222 One+ Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill (1/2 Inch SDS-Plus

Do you want a cheap cordless rotary hammer drill? If so, the Ryobi P222 is a good model that comes with a lot of features for the price. The Ryobi hammer drill does come with one thing every single model we’ve looked at today won’t be able to compete with:

It only weighs 3.65 pounds.

I know it’s so light because it doesn’t come with a tremendous amount of power, but imagine how easier your life will be if you don’t need to drill 1 inch holes into concrete. You’ll be able to wave the tool around without getting tired even when it’s got a battery attached.

I know you’ll be asking yourself why it’s so light. What do you need to sacrifice in order to get a hammer drill that’s so easy to use? Let’s look in more detail at how much power it’s got under the hood:

  • 1.2 Joules Of Impact Energy
  • 0 – 5,000 Blows Per Minute
  • 0 – 1,300 Revolutions Per Minute

The Ryobi cordless rotary hammer drill might be smaller than other models we’ve looked at today, but it’s got a few features you’ll need. Let’s discuss some of the things you’ll still get your hands on:

  • Innovative Chisel Adjust Mode
  • LED Light
  • Variable Speed Trigger
  • GRIPZONE Overmold Grip
  • Three Mode Selector

Innovative Chisel Adjust Mode – Even though it’s small the rotary hammer drill can hammer through tough materials. It’s a lot easier due to the fact it comes with an innovative chisel adjust mode. You’ll be able to maneuver your bit around in seconds while working to ensure you’re always at the perfect angle.

LED Light – You’ll be able to squeeze the Ryobi rotary hammer drill into all sorts of crooks and crannies. It’s so small and lightweight it will fit anywhere, so luckily it comes with a white LED light. It will give you enough visibility to carry out your job even though it won’t illuminate your entire work environment.

Variable Speed Trigger – It’s always nice when you have the power to size something up before attacking it with a cordless rotary hammer drill. The variable speed trigger will allow you to do it. You’ll find the two finger trigger easy to use even when you’re wearing gloves.

GRIPZONE Overmold Grip – You want a good grip on your tool for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it will help you feel more comfortable even though it’s really light. Comfort is a priority when working with power tools. An excellent grip will also ensure the cordless rotary hammer drill won’t accidentally slip out of your hands.

Three Mode Selector – You’ll have access to rotary hammer, rotation only, and hammer only modes when using the tool. It’s also easy to switch between each one by turning the switch sitting beside the SDS-Plus chuck.

Ryobi P107 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries

Your Ryobi battery rotary hammer drill works with One+ 18V lithium-ion batteries, which have been designed to perfection over the years. Here is a few top reasons why they’ll serve you well:

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • LED Fuel Gauge
  • Fade Free Power
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Extended Runtime

Also, you’ll be able to use the batteries in any Ryobi power tool in the lineup. They are compatible with over 50 tools at the moment and the list will get even longer in the future. It’s great when you don’t need to buy new batteries every time you want a new toy.

A Ryobi battery charger comes packed with tons of amazing technology too. You should always have a spare battery charging up when you’re working.

The Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill For Your Workshop

You probably can’t wait to get your hands on one of these tools. It will allow you to do work you’d find impossible to tackle with anything else in your workshop. Now you just need to decide which one is the best battery powered rotary hammer drill for you. None of these models will leave you disappointed.