Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw – Reviews – 2021

You need to pick up the best cordless mini circular saw.

Your life will be so much easier for two huge reasons.

Mini circular saws are so lightweight, you’ll never need to worry about fatigue ever again. Also, it feels great when you don’t need to worry about a cable following you around.

Luckily, top models come with tons of power and enough battery juice to last ages.

We’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know about battery powered mini circular saws, but let’s look at a few of the best ones on the market first.

1 – Makita SH02R1 12V Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw (3-3/8″)

Makita manufactures some of the best professional power tools in the world. Their mini circular saw is worth every single penny if you demand quality.

It delivers in a few important ways:

  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Capacity

Speed – The motor runs at 1,500 RPM. Not too bad considering it’s running off a battery. It will handle all the plywood, MDF, drywall, and other materials you can throw at it.

Due to the fact it spins so fast, you’ll be able to compete tasks much quicker. The speed leaves you with smooth and accurate cuts too.

Comfort – The small circular saw weighs 3.5 pounds with a battery attached. You won’t find a lot of powerful tools that weigh less than 2 bags of sugar.

The new 12V Max CXT batteries will add to your comfort level too. When you’re holding the saw in your hand it will feel perfectly balanced.

Don’t worry about things getting uncomfortable when you’re working in tight spaces. Thanks to a compact design it’s only 12-3/8″ long, so it will be able to squeeze in everywhere.

Please Note: You can use the 12V Max CXT batteries in a number of Makita power tools. The series continues to expand all the time. However, they’re not compatible with 12V Max pod-style tools.

Capacity – The cutting depth will change depending on the angle your blade is sitting at. At 90 degrees, you’ll be able to cut materials up to one inch thick.

At 45 degrees, you’ll be able to hit a depth of 5/8″. The tilting base for bevel cuts goes from 0-45 degrees. Miter cuts at any angle are possible because a mini circular saw is so portable.

The Makita SH02R1 comes with two batteries, so you’ll be able to keep one on charge all the time. Your battery won’t run out of juice before you know what’s going on. An LED charge level indicator will tell you when it’s going to run out.

It comes with a Battery Protection Circuit, which you’ll find invaluable. Your tool will be protected against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. Once you buy it expect your saw to last an extremely long time.

2 – Ryobi P506 One+ 18V Cordless Circular Saw (5-1/2″)

Most people turn to the WORX WORXSAW compact circular saw if they want something a touch bigger. Unfortunately, it’s a corded model.

If you need a battery powered saw the Ryobi P506 is a good alternative. It’s One+ compatible and can be used with a large number of Ryobi batteries.

This circular saw comes with a big list of positives, but one thing stands out among everything else.

It excels when it comes to accuracy.

First of all, the P506 saw comes with a laser guide. You will see a red line on the work surface in front of you. It will be activated whenever your circular saw is switched on.

The carbide-tipped blade is positioned on the left side of the tool to give you even more control. Your hand will never slip even when it’s wet outside. The rubber grip can handle slippery conditions effortlessly.

You can adjust the depth up to 1-9/16″ + the beveling angle is 0-50 degrees. Easy access knobs will let you make the necessary adjustments in seconds.

Finally, it spins at a top speed of 4,600 RPM. When your blade is moving extremely fast it’s always going to improve the accuracy of your cuts. There is a second handle available if you need more control.

Please Note: If you don’t have any other Ryobi tools you’ll need to pick up a battery charger + One+ battery today. Fortunately, they’re pretty cheap and very good.

Ryobi’s Dual Chemistry IntelliPort charger can replenish batteries in around 30 minutes. The gauge will also show you how long it’s got left and when it’s full. Special technology will keep batteries conditioned for maximum life and peak performance.

The Ryobi P107 One+ 18V battery is a great choice. Fade free power means it won’t diminish even when it’s almost out of juice. It can work in temperatures well below freezing (14 degrees Fahrenheit), plus an indicator lets you know how much charge is left.

3 – DeWALT DCS570B 20V Cordless Circular Saw (7-1/4″)

The DeWalt DCS570B circular saw is a bit bigger than other models we’ve looked at today, but it’s still very portable and lightweight.

It’s a top choice for anyone who craves power without all the hassle of a clunky tool. The brushless motor hits 5,200 RPM and it maintains speed under load.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in a few cool features, which we’ll look at in more detail now:

  • Trigger Brake
  • Bevel Capacity
  • Cutting Depth
  • Runtime

Trigger Brake – You need to be careful when you’re using a portable circular saw. It’s easy to step away from table saws, but you’re stuck holding the DeWALT DCS570B.

Thankfully, a built-in brake will stop your blade automatically when you release the trigger.

You’ll find it saves you a good amount of time too, because you won’t be able to move onto your next cut until the blade grounds to a halt.

Bevel Capacity – Maybe you don’t need a large bevel capacity, but it’s a nice bonus. You never know when it will come in handy.

This portable circular saw will allow you to make bevel cuts up to 57 degrees. It’s slightly more than the other models we’ve looked at today.

It’s easy to adjust the bevel angle too. It will only take a few seconds and won’t interfere with your work.

Cutting Depth – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the cutting depth will be a lot deeper. After all, the DeWALT DCS570B saw comes with a 7-1/4″ blade.

When the blade is sitting at 90 degrees you’ll be able to cut through tough materials up to 2-9/16″. Even when you’re slicing through thick material it’s a very accurate tool. The smooth aluminum base deserves a lot of credit.

Runtime – The total runtime will vary depending on a number of things. For example, the material will play a huge part in how long batteries last.

When cutting 2×4 pine, which is tough wood, you’ll be able to make hundreds of crosscuts before running out of juice.

Please Note: The DeWALT DCS570B batteries need to be bought separately. Luckily, you’ll be able to use them in 180+ 20V Max DeWALT power tools.

I think you’ll appreciate the DeWALT DCB201 compact battery, because it’s lightweight yet still has a respectable runtime. It also charges in 30 minutes + has no memory and almost no self-discharge.

Cordless Circular Saw vs Corded Circular Saw

Cordless power tools weren’t exactly attractive in the past. Nobody thought they actually had any real power. Fast forward a few years and seasoned professionals are finally raving about them.

The best cordless mini circular saw can stand toe to toe with corded models when it comes to power. Technology has come on leaps and bounds. You might be wondering why everyone isn’t using them.

Like other tools, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at a few to help you decide if a cordless mini saw is right for you:

Cordless Circular Saw Advantages

  • Ergonomics
  • Portability

Ergonomics – Once the cord disappears you’ll be ten times more productive. It wreaks havoc on your mind on a subconscious level when you’re trying to work.

You’ll always be checking to make sure nothing is going to get tangled up. When a problem does arise you won’t be able to continue until it’s dealt with. It’s even more helpful when you’re working in tight spaces.

Cordless portable circular saws will keep you a little safer too. It’s perfect if you don’t have much power tool experience.

Portability – You can carry a mini circular saw around the house with you. Take it into the garden in seconds if you need fresh air. You can bounce from room to room at will.

You’ll always be a slave to outlets when using corded circular saws. Even if you have a long extension cord it’s not ideal. You will still need to plug it in and pull it out when you want to move.

Cordless Circular Saw Disadvantages

  • Cost
  • Runtime

Cost – In most cases, a corded saw will be cheaper if all other things are equal. It was a lot worse a few years ago. Cordless power tools are only a bit more expensive these days.

Don’t forget it’s now possible to buy extra tools without the battery and charger, so all your future purchases will be a lot cheaper. Just use the same battery for everything.

Is the small increase in price worth it? Yes, of course.

Runtime – Plug a corded saw into an outlet and it will run all day. When you use batteries they’ll eventually run out of juice. Even the best ones won’t last for hours on end.

There is an easy solution that will solve your problem. Just pick up a spare battery and you’ll always have one on standby.

Depleted batteries will be fully charged before you run down the new ones. I know you’ll need to swap them around a few times per day, but it’s so simple you won’t waste any time at all.

Compact Circular Saw vs Circular Saw

Do you already own a large circular saw? If so, you might be wondering why you can’t keep using it for everything. There is a good reason why you should shell out on a cheap mini circular saw.

Perfect Cuts.

If you’re working on smaller jobs, like trim work, it’s not wise to tackle it with a monster tool. Large blades are going to rip your material up even if they’re extremely good and you have a steady hand.

Sometimes you need something smaller if you want the finish to look beautiful when you’re done. Mini circular saws will come in useful for much more than you think. You will want to pull it out when you’re working with:

  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • Thin Sheet Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Drywall
  • And much more…

Basically, you’ll be able to use it on any smaller project (trim work, cutting tiles, etc.) at home. You won’t need to deal with a clunky circular saw unless you absolutely need to. DIY endeavors will become a lot easier.

Circular Saw Blade Maintenance Tips

High quality cordless mini circular saws haven’t been on the market for long. Some people weren’t sure how long they would actually last.

It’s now fair to say they’ll last until you get bored of them if you look after your tools properly. But everyone tends to neglect their blades, so we’re going to discuss a few maintenance tips:

  • Avoid Excessive Moisture
  • Clean Your Blades
  • Resting Your Saw

Avoid Excessive Moisture – You don’t want to end up with too much moisture on your blade. Be careful when you’re working in areas prone to high humidity.

Steel blades will eventually rust if they’re not cared for properly. Not only will you need to replace your blades, but they’ll cause all sorts of problems until you do.

Clean Your Blades – Start cleaning your blades properly after you’ve used them, but don’t use a wire brush. Stick to nylon or brass to ensure they stay serviceable.

Even if they don’t look dirty they’ll be full of all sorts of debris. This will result in your blades becoming duller. It will require more force to operate them and you’ll generate a lot more heat.

Tip fragments can turn into dangerous projectiles. You could end up with burn marks on your wood. Clean your compact circular saw blades to avoid any of these scenarios.

Resting Your Saw – Don’t rest your saw on steel or concrete when it’s time to put it down. Once you start slowly chipping away at the blades they’ll eventually become duller.

If you want to make sure nothing bad happens stick to plywood or plastic. Lay your circular saw on these materials and they’ll be fine.

The Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw

Everyone should make sure they have the best cordless mini circular saw in their collection. I’ve got a feeling you’ll start using yours a lot more often than you think. It will quickly become one of your favorite tools.

You’ll love any of the models we’ve looked at today if you want a cordless saw. There are more options available if you’re willing to forgo the battery. Corded mini circular saws are useful too.