10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw Cut Capacity – Are They Good Enough?

Working out a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut capacity is more complicated than it sounds.

Luckily, we’re going to discuss everything you’ll need to know. It will help you decide which compound miter saw to buy.

Before getting into the nitty gritty details we should probably clear a couple of things up, because they’re actually more important than any cutting capacity:

  • You don’t need to complete the job in one cut
  • A 12 inch sliding miter saw cut capacity is better

You don’t need to complete the job in one cut – Let’s say you wanted to cut a pretty thick piece of lumber with a 10 inch miter saw. Would you be able to complete the job in one fell swoop? You already know it’s extremely unlikely.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to complete the job. If you need to make a basic crosscut and it doesn’t fit, you’ll be able to flip the wood over to complete the job in 2 cuts.

It does get a little trickier when you move onto miter, bevel, and compound cuts. You’ll find it’s possible to cut most wood until you move onto much larger pieces.

A 12 inch sliding miter saw cut capacity is better – Why not buy a 10 inch compound miter saw without the slide feature? You want a sliding miter saw because it will make your life a lot easier, right?

Therefore, you should probably just splash out on a 12 inch sliding compound miter saw. The cut capacity on the best 12 inch miter saw is exceptional and most of your problems will disappear.

If you’re worried about the cost there are cheap 12 inch miter saws available. There isn’t too much difference between a 10 and 12 inch tool anyway.

If you’re worried about space the Bosch GCM12SD comes with a patented axial-glide system that will save you an extra foot of space. A 10 sliding miter saw is still great, which you’ll discover when we look at the cutting capacities below.

A 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw Cut Capacity Breakdown

Miter saws with a slide feature are extremely versatile. You can execute so many different cuts, so we’ll need to look at the cut capacity of each specific one. First of all, let’s have a quick look at them to remind ourselves what’s possible:

  • Crosscuts
  • Bevel Cuts
  • Miter Cuts
  • Compound Cuts

Crosscuts – Obviously the most basic cut by a large degree. In fact, if you only need to make crosscuts you might be able to get away with a circular saw. The saw size you’ll need will depend on the size of your materials.

A crosscut is essentially a 90 degree miter cut. You will cut a piece of wood into 2 using one straight chop down the middle. These types of cuts can be performed much quicker than others too.

Bevel Cuts – These types of cuts can be executed by tilting the bevel arm X degrees. When you tilt the bevel arm it will be closer to the ground, in case it’s easier to imagine.

Your miter saw blade will enter wood at an angle from top to bottom when you’re using bevel cuts cuts. 10 inch sliding miter saws work well for these.

Miter Cuts – Miter saws will turn to the left or right when you’re carrying out miter cuts, but the height of your tool will remain the exact same. When you adjust the miter angle it’s similar to opening and closing a door.

So it cuts the wood at an angle from side to side. You would need to use miter cuts if you were making your own door frame. The angle would be exactly 45 degrees so each piece would fit together perfectly.

A 10 sliding compound miter saw usually lets you down when you’re performing miter cuts. Think about how they compare to bevel cuts:

Miter Cuts – Half diameter of your blade (not exact)
Bevel Cuts – Full diameter of your blade (not exact)

Compound Cuts – In most cases, compound cuts are usually reserved for things like crown molding. It’s amazing when you need to create joints using very specific angles. It will take a while to set these cuts up.

Those pose a similar problem to miter cuts. You won’t be able to take advantage of your 10 inch blade. It’s the biggest reason why 12 inch miter saws are so popular.

Here are the 10 inch cutting capacities you’ll want to know about:


  • Up to 12 inches wide @ 90 degrees
  • Up to 3 inches deep @ 90 degrees

Bevel Cuts

  • Up to 12 inches wide @ 45 degrees
  • Up to 2 inches deep @ 45 degrees

Miter Cuts

  • Up to 8.5 inches wide @ 45 degrees
  • Up to 3 inches deep @ 45 degrees

Compound Cuts

  • Up to 8.5 inches wide @ 45/45 degrees
  • Up to 2 inches deep @ 45/45 degrees

Base Moulding = 5.5 inch vertical capacity
Crown Moulding = 6 inch capacity (45 degree spring)

All the figures listed above are based on wood, but you can use your 10 sliding miter saw to cut other materials too. For example, some models can cut through mild steel plates up to a 1/4-inch thick. But it’s not just blade size you need to make into consideration. The miter saw blade itself matters.

Please Note: Every 10 sliding miter saw is a little different, so any figures listed above are only pretty accurate estimates.

Miter And Bevel Angles Go Past 45 Degrees

Remember, some miter angles go past 45 degrees. Bevel angles go past 45 degrees too. You’ll just have to use common sense when trying to decide if a 10 inch blade is big enough. Exactly how many scales have you inspected during your research so far?

If you’re really lucky a miter scale might turn to 60 degrees. Bevel angles are a little less generous, so you could be looking at a maximum of 48 degrees to the left or right.

Those angles aren’t going to make much difference when it comes to the 10 inch blade cut capacity. You could use your tool for years without running into any issues. It’s these moments when it’s not a waste of time using multiple cuts to prepare your material.

You Don’t Always Want To Hit Maximum Depth

You don’t always want to hit maximum depth when cutting wood. Depth stops play a large part in cutting capacity too, especially if you’re a woodworker. It’s an essential feature you’ll use time and time again. You should be able to adjust your 10 sliding miter saw for lap joints and grooves.

Even if it’s not something you’ve stumbled across before it’s worth knowing about. You never know when it will come in handy. Here is an example of what you’ll be able to accomplish with a quality depth stop:

Why It’s Worth Going A Miter Saw Blade Size Up

You’ve had a few seconds to mull over the 10 inch miter saw cut capacity figures. Do you think a smaller tool will be able to satisfy all your needs? Even if you think you’ll only need a 12 inch miter saw every few weeks it’s worth upgrading. Unfortunately, you can’t buy back lost time so don’t waste any.

Quality 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saws

There is a lot more to 10 inch sliding miter saws than a decent cutting capacity. A few special models are packed full of wonderful features too. We mentioned some tools earlier on that you would appreciate sitting in your garage. Let’s take a quick look at some of their other qualities:

  1. Evolution RAGE 3-DB Miter Saw
  2. DeWalt DW717 Miter Saw
  3. Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw

1 – Evolution RAGE 3 Miter Saw

You’ll need to flip your workpiece around if you don’t have a good enough cut capacity, right? It’s why you want to know the cutting capacity of 10 inch miter saws. In an idea world, you’ll be able to avoid extra work at all costs.

The Evolution RAGE 3 is a double bevel sliding compound miter saw, so the bevel drops in either direction. This will help you avoid flipping your workpieces around too, so it’s a nice feature you’ll really enjoy.

Here are a few other big ones you’ll want to know about:

  • A Laser For Extra Accuracy
  • Adjustable Cutting Depth Stop
  • Multipurpose Cutting Technology
  • Produces Virtually No Heat
  • Extra Large Base For Stability

A Laser For Extra Accuracy – When you cut into materials you want to ensure every single cut is accurate. Now you don’t have to spend minutes double-checking your scales. When using the Evolution sliding miter saw a red line will appear on your cutline.

You’ll always know when everything is lined up correctly. Plus you’ll catch any mistakes before they occur. It’s a top feature you only find in the best 10 sliding miter saws.

Adjustable Cutting Depth Stop – We discussed plunge cuts in a little detail earlier on. The RAGE 3-DB comes with a 3 inch adjustable cutting depth stop, which does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

After playing around with it for a few seconds you’ll be able to limit how much your dual bevel compound miter saw drops. The feature consists of a wingnut, depth adjustment screw, plus the stop itself.

Multipurpose Cutting Technology – The 10 inch RAGE255BLADE miter saw blade is pretty special to say the least. It has the ability to cut through almost anything. Here is a quick list of materials you’ll be able to tackle:

  1. Wood (with nails)
  2. Steel
  3. Aluminium
  4. Plastic
  5. Copper
  6. Reinforced Cables
  7. Composites
  8. Natural Stone
  9. Unglazed Ceramics
  10. Paving Slabs

Produces Virtually No Heat – Even though you can cut through so many materials the Evolution compound miter saw produces virtually no heat. It’s annoying when you cut through wood and it’s left with burn marks. You’ll be able to handle material quickly without waiting for it to cool down.

You will save lots of time (and extra money) because your dual bevel miter saw will require zero coolant. There is virtually no sparks, fumes, and dust too.

Extra Large Base For Stability – A 12.5 inch slide means you’ll be able to handle larger pieces of wood. The extended fence guard will hold onto longer material. When you combine these features with a powerful motor things could become unsteady.

That won’t happen on the Evolution 10 compound miter saw. It comes with an extra large base that will keep things rock solid.

2 – DeWalt DW717 Miter Saw

Are you looking for a 10 inch compound miter saw you can transport around easily? If so, look no further than the DeWalt DW717. You’ll be able to handle it easily because it only weighs 51 pounds. It even comes with a carry handle you can grab whenever you’re on the go.

Every single DeWalt miter saw is packed with a bucketload of standout features. We’ll cover a few of the most important ones now:

  • Powerful 15 Amp Motor
  • Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate
  • Easy-To-Adjust Tall Sliding Fences
  • Two Steel Horizontal Rails
  • DeWalt Laser System Compatible

Powerful 15 Amp Motor – The DeWalt 10 miter saw doesn’t cut through many materials, but you will be able to destroy wood within seconds. It’s thanks to a powerful 15 amp motor with a 4,000 rpm no-load speed inside the double bevel compound miter saw.

Top brands spend years engineering the perfect products, so expect your motor to last many years too. It’s completely dependable and won’t let you down.

Stainless Steel Miter Detent Plate – An adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate comes with 11 positive stops, which are positioned at common angles. You can make speedy adjustments thanks to a cam-lock miter handle. The bevel comes with 4 hardened steel stops on either side for extra versatility.

Here is a quick breakdown of the miter and bevel angles:

  • Miter Capacity = 60 degrees to left / 52 degrees to right
  • Bevel Capacity = 0 to 48 degrees left + right

Easy-To-Adjust Tall Sliding Fences – Tall sliding fences help to support 6-1/4 inch crown moulding (nested vertically) and 6 inch base moulding, but sometimes they’ll get in the way. For example, if you want to make bevel cuts you’ll need to get rid of them. It only takes a few seconds to move the fences away.

Two Steel Horizontal Rails – Lots of features usually pull together to make the best 10 sliding compound miter saw extremely accurate. One of them is sliding dual horizontal steel rails. When combined with a top clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings accuracy increases considerably.

DeWalt Laser System Compatible – The DeWalt DW7187 miter saw laser system doesn’t come with the tool, so you’ll need to pick it up separately. Thankfully, it’s compatible with the DW717 because it will make work a lot simpler. It’s a very powerful tool attachment. You’ll be able to see the red line in any light conditions and it can be placed at either side of the 10 inch blade.

Please Note: Check out the DeWalt DW713 miter saw if you want something a little cheaper. Even though it’s not a sliding model it’s hugely popular.

3 – Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw - 15 Amp Corded 10 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade

The Bosch axial-glide system is one of the most impressive feats of engineering you’ll find inside a 10 double bevel compound miter saw. It literally saves you an extra 10 inches of space when compared to other models. The patented technology turns it into a compact miter saw you can use anywhere.

It’s not the only feature inside the Bosch miter saw you will appreciate. Like all top brands, it comes with a large selection of them. We’ll discuss a couple of the biggest ones on the CM10GD right now:

  • Large Ergonomic Ambidextrous Handle
  • Upfront All-Metal Bevel Lock Lever
  • Miter Detents At Common Angles
  • Dust Chute And Vacuum Adapter
  • Clear Lower Guard Provides Visibility

Large Ergonomic Ambidextrous Handle – When your 10 inch compound miter saw comes with a comfortable handle jobs are much easier. Not only will the large ergonomic handle on the Bosch CM10GD sliding miter saw feel easy to operate, but it will help prevent fatigue from vibrations too.

Most miter saws that vibrate constantly all day will take a toll on your arms. Also, you’ll be able to grab the ambidextrous handle with either hand. Sometimes that isn’t always possible which makes things awkward.

Upfront All-Metal Bevel Lock Lever – Reaching behind your 10 inch sliding miter saw to change the bevel angle is a pain. It’s why Bosch decided to add an all-metal lock lever on the front of the tool. Now it will only take you a few seconds to change the angle on its easy-to-read scale.

Bevel Capacity = 47 degrees left + right

Miter Detents At Common Angles – There are multiple miter detents at the most common angles you’ll use regularly. Here is a quick list of the angles:

0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees left + right (plus 60 degrees on the right)

Miter Capacity = 52 degrees left + 60 degrees right

Dust Chute And Vacuum Adapter – Unless you want to ingest enough debris to make yourself sick, you’ll need to find a way to dispose of it. The Bosch CM10GD comes with a dust chute and vacuum cleaner combination. A click + clean platform will ensure your vacuum hose stays in position while you’re working.

Clear Lower Guard Provides Visibility – How will you know where the 60 tooth miter saw blade will strike? It’s a lot easier to tell when using a model with a clear lower guard. You will end up with more accurate cuts without risking getting too close to the blade.

Are 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw Cut Capacities Good Enough?

The answer is probably yes, unless you’re a professional. If you won’t be using your 10 inch compound miter saw all the time it doesn’t really matter about those extra cuts you’ll need to make. But if you’ve read product reviews you’ll know all 10 inch miter saws aren’t created equal.